Clinical supervision is an integral part of being an effective counsellor and I offer it to both individuals and groups. I believe supervision should be a place to explore all aspects of the therapeutic work in a safe, challenging, empowering and fun way.

Clinical Supervision


Are you looking for clinical supervision in the Croydon area?

Supervision is first and foremost about ethical practice and client safety. As counsellors we work with our clients alone. In order to ensure we offer an effective counselling practice, supervision is essential. Not only is it a requirement of professional body membership, but it ensures that that your case load is examined and discussed with another counsellor in a safe and supporting manner. Supervision, in my opinion, needs to be interesting, fun, challenging and more than anything empowering.


My model of supervision is influenced by the “Seven-eyed Model” (also referred to as the process model or the double matrix model) developed by  Peter Hawkins and Robin Shohet. I have found it to be a useful way of looking at the supervision process and I have adapted my way of working from this. The reason I like this model is because it provides a useful ‘map’ to know where we are, at any time, within the supervisory relationship by 'keeping an eye' on:


  • The client
  • The interventions
  • The counsellor/client relationship
  • The counsellor (countertransference)
  • The supervisor/supervisee relationship
  • The supervisor (my own process)
  • Wider system


In other words, this model is particularly useful because it focuses on relational aspects between client, therapist, and supervisor whilst also integrating systemic ideas by focusing on the interplay between each relationship and their context within the wider system.


I also integrate into my model Protor’s ideas of supervision, which is task-based around being restorative (supportive), normative (managerial) and formative (educative). I believe that tasks (what needs to happen in therapy) is important, but supervision should also be an accepting place where emotions and ideas are all given space to be explored in a non-judgemental way.


I do not see myself as the expert, but rather I aim to be a collaborator with you, my supervisee. I attempt to provide a space in which  you  can be open to your experience so that it is possible to fully engage with the client and be as effective as possible. I respect that there are many ways of working therapeutically with clients, and I am open to sharing, exploring and learning alongside you.


I have completed a Diploma in Clinical Supervision and I currently supervise counsellors in private practice and groups/individuals as a Lead Counsellor in a secondary school. If you are interested in working with me, I would be pleased to hear from you.

How do I deliver supervision?

I offer clinical supervision face-to-face or online. If you wish to work online, I suggest we use Zoom. 

Fees for Clinical Supervision

  • Individual rate for 1 hour: £65
  • Counselling Student rate for 1 hour: £50
  • Group rates negotiable depending on numbers and location.

Availability for Clinical Supervision

Updated 3 July 2024


I have some availability on a Wednesday daytime once per month. My availability can change at short notice, so please contact me to check current availability.